Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I like shiny new things

I did it, I went out and got an iPhone. I couldn't help myself; it's what all the cool kids were doing! So I had to have one too! The funny thing is that everyone else was just talking about getting an iPhone (my boss had actually ordered one from AT&T), but I end up being the first one to actually own one. All Apple stores appeared to be either hopelessly sold out, so I opted for ordering one from AT&T and I had the phone 2 days later.

I had always said I would never get an iPhone. My cellphone plan was obscenely cheap and I was getting a free Windows Mobile device with free data plan from work. The problem was I had a cellphone, a Windows Mobile device, and an iPod that Iwas carrying around everwhere, and I was usally forgetting one of the 3 devices either at home or at work.

Now everthing will be handled in one device. Granted, the iPhone plan will be more expensive, but because of where I work I do get a nice discount. Most important, it's shiny and new (until the next shiny new thing comes out...)

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