Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 25 List

I'm a little behind in this but here is my list of 25 things about me that you might not know, or might find interesting, might not care about at all.
  1. I deeply wish I could travel more.
  2. Photography is my favorite hobby.
  3. I love getting to take a nap on the weekends.
  4. I have climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,330 ft), Wheeler Peak in New Mexico (13,161), Mt. Hood (11,249 ft), Mt. Eleanor (5,944 ft), and Mt. Si (4,167 ft).
  5. I hope to one day get to take my family to visit Africa.
  6. I love being outside but so often have a hard time of leaving the comfort of my chair inside.
  7. I have an abnormal fear of spiders.
  8. I have flown over the North Pole twice.
  9. New Mexico is my favorite state.
  10. I have seen the northern lights twice from Washington State.
  11. I met my wife in Paris.
  12. I have a scar bellow my lower lip where as a baby my tooth pierced my skin when had a major wreck on one of those now outlawed baby walkers with wheels.
  13. I once taught a basic riflery course.
  14. I have a photograph I took hanging on a wall at the Council of Graduate Schools in Washington DC.
  15. I recently fell in love with chewing gum.
  16. I am the proud father of 2 beautiful daughters.
  17. I once spent a summer in the Texas panhandle mending barb wire fences and "working the cattle".
  18. My favorite beer is Pabst.
  19. I once ran around a track twice with no shirt on, when it was -20 F while in Moscow Russia.
  20. My fondest food memory was from a back alley restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.
  21. I once spent a summer working in a fish processing plan.
  22. My first cassette tape was The Police - Synchronicity.
  23. I absolutely love traveling by train.
  24. I once drove 900 miles to get to a Grateful Dead concert, and then didn't even see the concert.
  25. I have ridden my bike the 200 miles from Seattle, Washington to Portland Oregon on at least 3 occasions.

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Gorohoff said...

Update on #8: I've actually flown over the north pole 4 times (there and back twice, both on a Russian built plane) and as long as we're at it, I'll throw in crossing the equator twice.