Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making Long Term Memories

I'm doing the usual Sunday things, putting clothes away, cleaning up, getting ready for another work week for me and my wife, and school week for my children. In the background KUOW FM 94.9 is playing; the show that is on is Studio 360. On the show they are talking about memories, and how memories are what define who we are; but there is now way we can remember everything, so there is a part of the brain called the hippocampus that transforms the short term memories into long term memories. The problem is we don't get to decide what become a long term memory and what doesn't. I don't think this is fair!

My answer is this blog. Although I can't say what the future of this blog will be, I would like to think of it as my artificial hippocampus. My brain does not get backed up, but I'm pretty sure Google is kindly backing this blog up all over the place. Normally this show on Studio 360 was something I was certain I would largely forget about within in a matter of minutes, and this really annoyed me because I really found this show facinating...and I wanted to remember it, I wanted to be able to discuss this concept again later. So upon hearing this show I ran downstairs, and started this blog artificial hippocampus. I choose to make this a long term memory...if I can remember to read this blog post again.

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-april said...

a good friend refers to her blog as her on-line brain. When I ask her something and she doesn't remember, she searches her blog.